Lesson: Wed Feb 26

Well, it was SO nice to have a snow day on Monday!!!!!!!! And you think YOU guys pray for snow ;). Anyway, we are a tad behind as a result…..

1) finally finished Inception!
2) questions assigned for the class – an hour of time to work – these questions were #2,3,4,6
3) the REST of the questions are for HOMEWORK and are due on Monday March 3 – YIKES, MARCH already!
4) as well, your two dreams need to be written down and ready to analyze on Monday, March 3.

See you then!



Lesson: Monday Feb 17

1) watched video on Lucid Dreaming (see Feb 13 – Can you control your dreams? entry)
2) read over the handout: Inception worksheet
– this worksheet will not be due until next week, but you may want to work on it as you watch 🙂
3) watched Inception (got up to where our main crew is moving Robert Fischer and his “uncle” OUT of the warehouse and into the white van….)

Lesson: Friday Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day 🙂

1) finished drawing the dream theories that we started last class….one mysteriously disappeared from the ppt, though – until I discovered that I just misnumbered them, as I took one of them out…this is why I don’t teach math 😉 ….
2) started Inception! Watched about the first 40 minutes or so…
——–> handout accompanying the movie will be given next class