Lesson for Monday March 24

Welcome back to the Gulag, Psycho students!  Here is what we did….

1) played a game

2) discussed what you think about addiction

3) watched the video “The Line”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpSu7vFtp-s

4) read pages 4/5 of Big Picture: Addiction —- http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Education-resources/Education-and-learning/big-picture/all-issues/addiction/index.htm ———–click on “Download PDF”  in the upper right corner – we will be discussing the following questions on Wednesday (participation marks)

Discussion about Addiction
1. What is addiction? What does addiction really mean?
2. What does it mean that you can be addicted to shopping, video games, etc?
3. What is the difference between use, abuse and addiction?
4. What are some of the reasons people take drugs, including nicotine and alcohol, in the first place?
5. Why would somebody choose to be addicted to something?
6. How does addiction happen? What can make some people more vulnerable to addiction than others? What can make a person less vulnerable?
7. If a person is addicted to something, are they mentally unwell? Why or why not?
8. How does one get out of addiction?


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