Lesson Wednesday March 25

1) our round circle discussion on addiction

2) did a little quiz on “risk-taking”  to see how much of a risk-taker you are

3) watched the video “Constant Craving”  – see post from March 26 for this link=    and answered the following questions

  • 1) Which drugs are actually more dangerous than illicit drugs?
  • 2) Why do people take drugs?
  • 3) What is the significance of the reward centre of the brain?
  • 4) What happens when you do something pleasurable?
  • 5) How do drugs affect dopamine?
  • 6) How does cocaine affect the brain?
  • 7) What is the “rush”?
  • 8) What happens to the brain if you have been using drugs over a period of time?
  • 9) How does anticipation affect the brain?

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