Lesson Friday Oct 30 – Psychology of Fear

  1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller
  2. Choice game
  3. Victoria Tourism’s BOO
  4. Fear Survey


  1. SM = the Woman who feels No Fear
  2. The Chemistry of Fear
    1. Fear Questions
  3. Brain Games: Don’t Be Afraid



Lesson Friday Oct 16 – Risky Business: The Teen Brain

  1. don’t forget – small test on Monday!


  1. Read over A Work in Progress
  2. Risk Taking quiz
  3. Video: Surviving the Teenage Brain http://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episodes/surviving-the-teenage-brain  – watch first 17 ½ minutes
    a. Complete Surviving the Teenage Brain part 1
  4. Do reading from Blame My Brain (you will need to get this from Mrs. Spencer) – answer  questions Blame My Brain Risks


Lesson Wed Oct 14 – The Teen Brain…still under construction…

  1. brain hats turned in!  these must be coloured, labelled and cut out – they do not have to be taped into the hat yet!
  2. teen brain trivia
  3. tape up brain hats

Psych 12: Basic Brain Anatomy “Test” Review
1. Be able to label a brain diagram with the following parts of the brain:
a. Frontal lobe
b. Parietal lobe
c. Temporal lobe
d. Occipital lob
e. Motor cortex
f. Somatosensory cortex
g. Brain stem
h. Cerebellum
i. Cerebrum / cerebral cortex
2. Explain TWO key functions of the ALL of the above parts of the brain – except for the occipital and the temporal, for which you can give 1


5. The Teenage Brain  ppt



6. discussion

7. if time, we will start watching Surviving 🙂 The Teenage Brain