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Lesson Monday Nov 30

November 30, 2015
  1. quiz (for candy)
  2. Skin Senses ppt = fill in this ——–>Skin Senses Workbook ppt
  3. complete the Homunculus Experiment

Lesson Wed Nov 25

November 25, 2015
  1. hand in Absolute Threshold questions – beginning of class
  2. Distracted driving true/false


  1.  Watch Oprah video
  2. Watch video from RCMP site
  3. discussion


Next class we are doing a DISSECTION!!  Woo hoo 🙂


November 24, 2015

For those of you who want or need an extra reminder about homework, tests, activities, etc in Psych 12, you can join our class at – I will send out reminders which will be sent to your email or phone !

It’s an awesome tool and can be very helpful for you.  Parents are also very welcome to join up 🙂

Lesson Monday Nov 23 -Intro to the Senses

November 22, 2015
  1. homework due – reading and questions from last class
  2. true/false activity
  3. Intro to Sensation Part 1
  4. Intro to Sensation part 1 work booklet – this is the booklet that accompanies the above ppt
  5. Absolute Threshold

Lesson Wed Nov 18 – Sub!

November 19, 2015

Hi all, sorry, but I didn’t make it to class as the Malahat was closed today.  So it was a Year Long Project class.

The requirement  was  for EACH person in the group to complete a full page of research notes on the topic you are studying.  Notes were due at the end of class.  As well, don’t forget to keep track of the websites you go to as you need to cite these!


Lesson Monday Nov 16 – Coming to Your Senses…

November 16, 2015
  1. various activities
  2. pair-share chats
  3. class discussion
  4. Watch Crash Course


Crash Course – Sensation and Perception
1. What is prosopagnosia?

2. How does this condition demonstrate the link between sensation and perception?

3. What is sensation?

4. What is perception?

5. What is the absolute threshold of sensation?

6. What is sensory adaptation?

7. What is Weber’s law?

8. Which part of the brain has to do with facial recognition?

9. Which are the retinal receptors? Which one detects colours?

10. What is parallel processing?

5. Intro to Sensation and Perception – note that this is due for the beginning of Wednesday’s class!

Fun Psych Facts!

November 9, 2015


Apparently, sniffing rosemary can increase your memory by 75%!!  Do I smell a psych experiment coming?


t turns out that there are compounds in rosemary oil that may be responsible for changes in memory performance. One of them is called 1,8-cineole – as well as smelling wonderful (if you like that sort of thing) it may act in the same way as the drugs licensed to treat dementia, causing an increase in a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

These compounds do this by preventing the breakdown of the neurotransmitter by an enzyme. And this is highly plausible – inhalation is one of the best ways of getting drugs into the brain. When you eat a drug it may be broken down in the liver which processes everything absorbed by the gut, but with inhalation small molecules can pass into the bloodstream and from there to the brain without being broken down by the liver.


Here are a couple of articles:

Monday November 9 – Psych Project class

November 9, 2015

We continued to work on the Year Long Psych Project this block.  You should be figuring out what your Driving (Essential) Question is going to be.  It will be expected that you have figured this out by the next time we have time in class for the project, which will be in a couple of weeks 🙂


Lesson Friday November 6 – Project time!!!!!

November 7, 2015

Today we almost the entire block discussing the idea of the ESSENTIAL or DRIVING QUESTION that is needed for the Year Long Genius Hour Project.   We brainstormed a number of ideas for different people’s topics.   If you have a topic, let us know in class on Monday and we can help you brainstorm yours!!!!!



Lesson Wed Nov 4

November 7, 2015

finish up Brain Games

discuss worksheets from The Chemistry of Fear and Brain Games

Year Long Psych Genius Hour Project