Lesson Monday Nov 16 – Coming to Your Senses…

  1. various activities
  2. pair-share chats
  3. class discussion
  4. Watch Crash Course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unWnZvXJH2o


Crash Course – Sensation and Perception
1. What is prosopagnosia?

2. How does this condition demonstrate the link between sensation and perception?

3. What is sensation?

4. What is perception?

5. What is the absolute threshold of sensation?

6. What is sensory adaptation?

7. What is Weber’s law?

8. Which part of the brain has to do with facial recognition?

9. Which are the retinal receptors? Which one detects colours?

10. What is parallel processing?

5. Intro to Sensation and Perception – note that this is due for the beginning of Wednesday’s class!