Lesson Monday December 14

  1. turn in vision stations
  2. McGurk Effect – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-lN8vWm3m0
  3. finish ppt on illusions and vision – eye labeling
  4. true/false trivia on taste and smell
  5. BBC Taste – see Dec 2, 2013 for video link ———here is the worksheet BBC Taste and Smell

Lesson Wed Dec 10 – Vision

Vision Stations to complete

Context is Everything


Lesson Monday Dec 7

  1. finish watching Brain Games
  2. Illusions and Vision
  3. The Eye to be labelled

Lesson Wed Dec 2

1) input data from homunculus experiment into http://www.brainmapper.org

2) print out your homunculus and hand in

3) Watch Homunculus Review


4) Brain Games: Pay Attention!  – we only watched until 25:30 – we will finish this on Monday 🙂

5) Brain Games Pay Attention questions to answer

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