Lesson Friday Jan 29 -Why do we need to sleep? Seems like a waste of time….

  1. Dream log explained
    1. Dream Journal Assignment
  2. watch video from last class again
  3. articles from last class- group of 4 protocol
  4. Discuss:  Why do you think we need sleep?
  5. Why Do We Need Sleep? – Russell Foster
  6. TED Talk Why do We Sleep

Lesson Wed Jan 27 – Sleep Deprivation – it’s not good!

  1. work on driving/essential questions and brainstorms – brainstorms are due today!
  2. WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF A LACK OF SLEEP?  Discuss this in a 250 word response to the following:
    1. From ZZZZs to AAAAs
    2. Scary And Surprising Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
    3. Dangers of Sleep Deprivation