Lesson Monday Feb 29

  1. review of first 25 minutes of Inception
  2. continue watching the movie! 🙂

Lesson Friday Feb 26 -You’re Waiting for a Train…

  1. Carl Jung and Archetypes 2016
  2. Inception questions
  3. watch Inception



Lesson Wed Feb 24

  1. read through P3 feedback
  2. work on P3 OR Sleep Analysis (due Monday Feb 29)

Lesson Monday Feb 22 – Butterflies & P3 work

  1. Butterfly for critique
  2. Austin’s butterfly
  3. Peer Critique Protocol
  4. group critique of butterflies
  5. revision and review
  6. P3 Process Binder Feb 29 -note that this is worth 60 marks!
  7. dream symbolism assignment

Holy, Cool Opportunity! And it’s FREE!!! But you do need to reserve a ticket…



Lesson Wed Feb 17: Why do We Dream?

  1. Watch BBC: Why Do We Dream?
    1. answer questions as you watch : BBC Why do We Dream worksheet
  2. Dream Symbolism Assignment

Lesson Monday Feb 15 – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

  1. HAND IN: P3 Proposal Sheet   AND   Sleep Analysis
  2. Discuss: Why do we dream?  Can dreams predict the future?  Do dreams have meaning?
  3. Dreams Quiz
  4. Intro to dreams reading 2016
  5. Ted Talk: Why do We Dream?
    1. Which dream theories are presented?
  6. Dream theories 2016

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Lesson Friday Feb 12 – How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

  1. dream journal due
  2. Sleep Brain Labelling
  3. Sleep Hygiene Infographic
    1. infographics and sleep hygiene – work with a partner and list 5 ways that sleep can be improved – BUT you must ensure that at least 3 of the infographics present your 5 ways (you may use 3 different infographics for each point)
  4. time to work on Sleep Analysis OR P3 Project Proposal – BOTH are due for Monday!


Lesson Wed Feb 10 – Your Sleepy Brain…

  1. due date reminder
  2. Writing the Essential Question
  3. P3 Project Ideas
  4. P3 Project Proposal




Friday Feb 12 – Dream Journal due (this is simply your rough journal explaining the details of 2 different dreams).  If you are not sure what this is, see this link      Dream Journal Assignment

Monday Feb 15 – Sleep Analysis writeup due – you are writing a proper paragraph form response analyzing how you sleep.  The kind of information to include can be found here: Sleep Chart Analysis 2016

Monday Feb 15 – Project Proposal sheet due

Monday Feb 29 – P3 Process Binder due – this MUST demonstrate further learning you have done on your topic beyond what you have currently handed in.  I will hand out what should be included in this.  Please note that it will need to demonstrate some significant progress on your P3 project!!


Be glad that it’s not 😉

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