Lesson Wed March 30

  1. don’t forget that 1/3 of your project is due on Friday, April 1.  Please turn in PHOTOS of what you have done – make sure you get all the detail of your project so you get full marks.
  2. guest speaker

Lessons: March 2 & 7

  1. we finally finished Inception – that is one LONG movie – but it is sooooo good 🙂
  2. Inception questions worked on
  3. Process binders returned – time to work on them


  • Inception questions – Friday March 11 ——we don’t have class anymore that day, so you need to either find me or you need to email me!
  • Dream Analysis Assignment – this is no longer required – it is now worth bonus marks!
  • 1/3 of P3 Project due on April 1 – see my feedback from your P3 binder to see how you should be proceeding

Wednesday’s class will be a working class – Inception questions or P3 Project – your choice!