Wed Feb 28 – Bullying and Smartphones

  1. discussion and activity
  2. Cyberbullying – read and discuss



Monday Feb 26 – Strategies for Stress

Learning Targets

How does stress impact your body/mind?

What are 3 or 4 ways that you think would work for YOU to get rid of stress?

  1. Readings about Stress
  2. discussion
  3. in groups, read The Benefits of Stress
    1. discuss
  4. Videos on coping with stress
      1. What are 10 different methods given?
      2. Which methods do you think are best?  Why?
      3. Which do you think might not work for teens?  Why?
  5. activity

Friday Feb 23 – Resilience

Learning Targets

–> What is the difference between anxiety and stress?

–> In what ways can stress be good?

–> What is resiliency and how does resiliency help one cope with stress?

  1. Brain cards
  2. Discussion
  3. Stress test –
  4. Resilience video
  5. Reality of Stress
  6. The Benefits of Stress



Wed Feb 21 – Wrapping up Anxiety

  • Play Jeopardy
  • finish ppt from last class
  • group discussion on questions
    • What is the scope and impact of anxiety disorders?
    • What are the symptoms and feelings one has when one has an anxiety disorder?
    • What are the six anxiety disorders?  How are they different from one another?
  • Answer above questions on provided card = limit your responses to 2 sentences for the first two questions.  For the third question, explain each anxiety disorder in one sentence.

Wed Feb 14 – Examining Anxiety

Learning Targets:

  • To reflect on anxiety and stress and express your personal thoughts about it
  • To consider whether or not you might have some anxiety issues

  1. Hand in Schizophrenia questions from last class
    1. What are three things you have learned about schizophrenia ?
    2. discussion
  2.  Watch – My Extreme Animal Phobia
    1. What does he say, do, what is his body language, what is causing his stress?
    2. Why is he so scared? How did he become scared?
    3. How does he start working through his fear?
    4. What does his therapist encourage him to do? Why?
  3. Chart Paper Protocol
  4. Anxiety worksheet – score it
    1. Website: