Ninja Video


Short Videos on the Samurai

Samurai Deconstructed: (2 1/2 minutes)
Coroner’s Report: Seppuku:

Ancient Warriors: Samurai – part 1 – part 2

This is Sparta 2!

a. 5min
b. 10min

This is SPARTA!

Links for Videos:
i. – Horrible Histories 1
ii. – Horrible Histories 2
iii. – Ancient Warriors: Sparta

Links for questions:

Ancient Warriors: Sparta

Ancient Greek Architecture – powerpoint

Greek Architecture

Greek Architecture: Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece (15 minutes) (5 minutes) – end at start of Olympics (6 minutes) – start at 1:15 (9 minutes) (7 minutes)

Movie: The Odyssey

The Greek Underworld

The Greek Underworld

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