CHART for quiz on Wed

For the quiz on Wednesday, you need to know the following:


You need to create a chart using the information from

This chart will be due FRIDAY JAN 15.  But make sure you know the information for your quiz on Wednesday!




Lesson Wed Jan 6

  1. quiz on Wed Jan 13 on Sensation and Perception – Quiz Review
  2. activities
  3. Kinesthetic and Vestibular senses
    1. kinesthetic-and-vestibular-senses workbook
  4. What Colour is Tuesday?  video on synesthesia

Lesson Wed Dec 10 – Vision

Vision Stations to complete

Context is Everything


Lesson Wed Dec 2

1) input data from homunculus experiment into

2) print out your homunculus and hand in

3) Watch Homunculus Review


4) Brain Games: Pay Attention!  – we only watched until 25:30 – we will finish this on Monday 🙂

5) Brain Games Pay Attention questions to answer

Lesson Monday Nov 30

  1. quiz (for candy)
  2. Skin Senses ppt = fill in this ——–>Skin Senses Workbook ppt
  3. complete the Homunculus Experiment

Lesson Wed Nov 25

  1. hand in Absolute Threshold questions – beginning of class
  2. Distracted driving true/false


  1.  Watch Oprah video
  2. Watch video from RCMP site
  3. discussion


Next class we are doing a DISSECTION!!  Woo hoo 🙂

Lesson Monday Nov 23 -Intro to the Senses

  1. homework due – reading and questions from last class
  2. true/false activity
  3. Intro to Sensation Part 1
  4. Intro to Sensation part 1 work booklet – this is the booklet that accompanies the above ppt
  5. Absolute Threshold

PPT on Distracted Driving

NSC Distracted Driving Slides

Distracted Driving Resources


These links offer a lot of information about distracted driving.  You are free to find your own, though, if you prefer 🙂

Driven to Distraction is an excellent general article about cell phones and driving as well as what causes distraction.

Faces of Distraction shows how it’s hurt real people.

Statistics and Facts provides the data on distracted driving.

Public Education looks at what message people are most likely to respond to when you talk to them about distracted driving.

Out to Lunch is an article on the psychological concept of inattentional blindness.

Teens and Distracted Driving is a research study on teens and distracted driving.

Driving while Distracted….

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