Lesson Wed April 27

  1. need ipads for Kahoot!!!!https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=112d1069-009e-46ed-8d6b-288274480b6f
  2. finish Chemistry of Addiction
  3. true/false =prescription drugs
  4. Dr Drew – http://www.smartmovessmartchoices.org/dr-drew-videos
  5. The Truth About Drugs prescription

Lesson Monday April 25

  1. REMINDER – 3/4 project due Monday May 2 – that’s NEXT Monday!
  2. draw neuron
  3. Video: Synapses Change – http://brainu.org/files/movies/synapseschange_pc.swf
    1. answer questions as we watch The Neuron
  4. watch The Chemistry of Addiction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukFjH9odsXw
    1. answer questions as we watch  Chemistry of Addiction

Lesson Friday April 15

    1. MONDAY: will be a work on your project day!!!  At the end of this class you will need to be able to give me a detailed explanation of what the 3/4 of your project that you turn in will be.  Don’t forget that 3/4 of your project is due for MONDAY MAY 2 (I have changed that from the 29th to give you an extra weekend…you’re welcome   😛 )


  1. Article – very timely! http://www.mycowichanvalleynow.com/11651/provincial-health-emergency-declared/
    1. what can be done about so many overdosing?
  2. discuss Brain Games: Addiction
  3. survey
  4. Brain’s Reward System
  5. using classroom materials, create and label a neuron
  6. How Neurons Work

Lesson Monday April 11

1) finish video “Life on drugs” and discuss worksheet

2) 3-2-1 Protocol using  Drugs and The Adolescent Brain

a. read article in your group

b. highlight/underline THREE key points that you think are the most important, TWO things that you find interesting, ONE question you still have

c. discuss with your gup

3) brainstorm – WHY do people do drugs?  WHAT is addiction?  WHY does addiction happen?

4) cell phone survey

5) The Cycle of Addiction ppt

6) worksheet to fill in with above ppt – The Cycle of Addiction worksheet