Lesson Wed Feb 17: Why do We Dream?

  1. Watch BBC: Why Do We Dream?
    1. answer questions as you watch : BBC Why do We Dream worksheet
  2. Dream Symbolism Assignment



Friday Feb 12 – Dream Journal due (this is simply your rough journal explaining the details of 2 different dreams).  If you are not sure what this is, see this link      Dream Journal Assignment

Monday Feb 15 – Sleep Analysis writeup due – you are writing a proper paragraph form response analyzing how you sleep.  The kind of information to include can be found here: Sleep Chart Analysis 2016

Monday Feb 15 – Project Proposal sheet due

Monday Feb 29 – P3 Process Binder due – this MUST demonstrate further learning you have done on your topic beyond what you have currently handed in.  I will hand out what should be included in this.  Please note that it will need to demonstrate some significant progress on your P3 project!!


Be glad that it’s not 😉