Lesson Wed April 20 – it’s Pot Day, you say….how timely…

  1. meet in Mrs. Denninger’s room with gr.8s
  2. questions about pot?
  3. Agree / Disagree
  4. Ms. Ellis to speak
  5. Pot and the Teenage Brain
  6. address any questions
  7. Psych 12 – neuron video

Lesson Monday April 11

1) finish video “Life on drugs” and discuss worksheet

2) 3-2-1 Protocol using  Drugs and The Adolescent Brain

a. read article in your group

b. highlight/underline THREE key points that you think are the most important, TWO things that you find interesting, ONE question you still have

c. discuss with your gup

3) brainstorm – WHY do people do drugs?  WHAT is addiction?  WHY does addiction happen?

4) cell phone survey

5) The Cycle of Addiction ppt

6) worksheet to fill in with above ppt – The Cycle of Addiction worksheet





Lesson Friday April 1

  1. 1/3 of project due – if this does not come in by Wednesday, April 6, you will lose 10% per day.  After one week (April 13), this portion of the project will no longer receive marks.
  2. drug survey
  3. Videos:
    1. http://progmedia.edgesuite.net/videos/antidrug/en/antidrug-commercial-they-said-they-lied_480_en.mp4 – They Said compilation
    2. http://progmedia.edgesuite.net/videos/antidrug/en/truth-about-drugs-documentary-01-introduction_480_en.mp4 – The Truth about Drugs
  4. Drug Survey
  5. discussion
  6. What are 4-6 things you would like to know more about when it comes to drugs?
  7. Watch Teen Files: The Truth About Drugs – watch up until 17:38 (watch the rest next class) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1E3RGScFqc