Monday Oct 2 – What’s your p.o.v.?

  1. finish up history of mental illness ppt
  2. watch Crash Course and complete Crash Course Psychology Psychological Disorders worksheet
  3. The Big 7 Perspectives of Psychology – take notes as the teacher on the video directs




Friday Sept 22 – More history….

  1. finish reading last chapter of Nellie Bly
  2. discussion
  3. Modern History of Mental Illness (complete workbook as we go through it – Modern History of Mental Illness WORKBOOK )



Wed Sept 20 – History of Mental Illness continued…

  1. Go into groups from last class
    1. Follow 3 levels protocol
    2. Share points with class – jot down info


Monday Sept 18 – History of Mental Illness “care”

  1. discuss Top 10 Unethical Experiments
  2. Insane & Inhumane quiz
  3. History of Mental Illness 2015
  4. Nelly Bly readings




Lesson Monday May 30

  1. Angel to present
  2. Teen-Stress-Tips-on-Managing-Daily-Stress
  3. Emily L to present
  4. Personality Disorders TPT
    1. – Charles Manson
    2. = Ted Bundy execution

Lesson Monday May 9

  1. final projects are due for MONDAY May 16 – yes, I keep changing the date – I am expecting you to make very good use of the extra time!
    1. marks  for 3/4 will be given to you no later than next class
    2. some of you need to step it up and blow me away with your final submission!
  2. KAHOOT!   Mental Illness: Fact or Fiction?
  3. Respond: What do you know about Mental Illness?  What are some questions you have about mental illness?


Lesson Monday Sept 14 – How has mental illness been dealt with throughout history?

  1. Hand in Top 10 Unethical Experiments homework
  2. Inhumane and Insane Cures trivia quiz
  3. History of Mental Illness 2015

bedlam4. Nelly Bly readings– read one with your group and list 10 key points you learn about mental illness/asylums

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