Lesson Monday April 18

Sorry I am not in today!  Here is what you need to get done:

  1. finish up your playdoh neuron – make sure you label it, too.  Put it in the back room for me to mark when I return 🙂


  1. TODAY you MUST turn in an explanation of which 3/4 of the project you will have done for May 2.  Please give this to your sub!
  2. work on your Psych project – 3/4 of this is due on May 2.  That means you ALL have things you can be working on.

Lesson Monday Feb 22 – Butterflies & P3 work

  1. Butterfly for critique
  2. Austin’s butterfly
  3. Peer Critique Protocol
  4. group critique of butterflies
  5. revision and review
  6. P3 Process Binder Feb 29 -note that this is worth 60 marks!
  7. dream symbolism assignment