Friday Oct 13 – A Mother’s Madness continued…

  1. Hum, Beh and Cog perspectives– some clarity 🙂
  2. groups and perspective
  3. watch “A Mother’s Madness”
  4. work on assignment (handed out last class – see Wed Oct 11 blog)

Wed Oct 11 – A Mother’s Madness

  1. turn in Batman analysis
  2. discussion
  3. A quick review
  4. A Mother’s Madness Assignment
  5. VIDEO: A Mother’s Madness: Andrea Yates


Monday Oct 2 – What’s your p.o.v.?

  1. finish up history of mental illness ppt
  2. watch Crash Course and complete Crash Course Psychology Psychological Disorders worksheet
  3. The Big 7 Perspectives of Psychology – take notes as the teacher on the video directs



Lesson Friday Sept 18 – The Big 7

1) Watch Crash Course Psychology #1 and complete Crash Course #1 worksheet
psych 1

2) Which Psychological Perspective are you? survey What is YOUR psychology perspective

3) Video: Modern Perspectives of Psychology


4) Handprint demo

5) Andrea Yates and perspectives

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