Friday Sept 22 – More history….

  1. finish reading last chapter of Nellie Bly
  2. discussion
  3. Modern History of Mental Illness (complete workbook as we go through it – Modern History of Mental Illness WORKBOOK )




Wed Sept 20 – History of Mental Illness continued…

  1. Go into groups from last class
    1. Follow 3 levels protocol
    2. Share points with class – jot down info


Monday Sept 11 – Ethics 101

  1. finish up posters
  2. present posters to rest of class
  3. Ethics 2015
    1. fill out this workbook as we go through: Ethics 2015 work booklet from slides
  4. Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments



Lesson Monday May 30

  1. Angel to present
  2. Teen-Stress-Tips-on-Managing-Daily-Stress
  3. Emily L to present
  4. Personality Disorders TPT
    1. – Charles Manson
    2. = Ted Bundy execution

LessonWed May 4

  1. don’t forget – 3/4 project due this week some time
    1. whole project due by Wednesday May 11
  2. KAHOOT!
  3. Rorshach Ink Blots for Psych 12
  4. The 4 Ds of Mental Illness  (The 4 Ds of Mental Illness STUDENT WKBK)

Lesson Monday May 2 – Abnormal Psychology

  1. Drug Wrap-up Assignment – States of Consciousness – Drug Overview
    1. Get with a group of 3 or 4 – need to divide big sheet of manila tag into 8 squares
    2. Need to draw 8 key things that stuck out to you in this drug unit
    3. Not necessarily things you liked / disliked, but thing that struck you or that you learned
    4. Title it – 8 Points about Drugs
    5. You can use a couple of words – but must be done in a  diagram!!!
  2. Share with another group
  3. Agree/Disagree – Abnormal Psychology
  4. Intro to Abnormal Behaviour 2014
  5. Rorshach blots

Lesson Monday April 11

1) finish video “Life on drugs” and discuss worksheet

2) 3-2-1 Protocol using  Drugs and The Adolescent Brain

a. read article in your group

b. highlight/underline THREE key points that you think are the most important, TWO things that you find interesting, ONE question you still have

c. discuss with your gup

3) brainstorm – WHY do people do drugs?  WHAT is addiction?  WHY does addiction happen?

4) cell phone survey

5) The Cycle of Addiction ppt

6) worksheet to fill in with above ppt – The Cycle of Addiction worksheet





Lesson Monday April 4

  1. finish watching “Teen Files: The Truth about Drugs” (see last class for link)
  2. discussion
  3. DRUG intro ppt
  4. Drugs and The Adolescent Brain


Lesson Friday Feb 26 -You’re Waiting for a Train…

  1. Carl Jung and Archetypes 2016
  2. Inception questions
  3. watch Inception



Lesson Wed Oct 7 – Put on your thinking cap….

  1. hand in “A Piece of Your Mind” assignment (brain drawings + notes)
  2. Quiz on the brain on Monday Oct 19 – test review to come
  3. Remembering the lobes  – ppt (take notes down on Remembering the lobes workbook )

FOR WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 14 YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR BRAIN CAP COLOURED, LABELLED  (WITH THE 4 LOBES, THE MOTOR CORTEX AND THE SOMATOSENSORY CORTEX) AND CUT OUT – YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE IT TAPED  – this will be checked at the beginning of class and given a mark!  Click on the link at #4 to download copies of the cap if you need them)

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