Wed Feb 7 – Understanding Schizophrenia

1) The Sleeping Brain quiz

2) Kahoot on mental health

3) Schizophrenia Simulation

4) Schizophrenia Clip

5) Schizophrenic Brain  (see below)

6) Schizophrenia Questions– website for answers is
Image: Research shows an MRI could help detect schizophrenia (Photo courtesy of iStockphoto).
Image: Research shows an MRI could help detect schizophrenia (Photo courtesy of iStockphoto).
Posted on Dec 22, 2016.   Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to measure the higher levels of oxidative stress present in patients with schizophrenia, according to a new study.
The researchers found a 53% elevation in NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrogen )  in the chronic schizophrenia patients, as compared to healthy individuals of similar age. A similar degree of NADH elevation was also seen in newly diagnosed schizophrenia, suggesting that oxidation imbalance is present even in the early stages of illness. Modest NADH increases were also seen in bipolar disorder, which shares some genetic and clinical overlap with schizophrenia
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Lesson Wed May 11

  1. What were some of your questions about mental illness?
  2. Mental illness Mask Project
  3. get into groups of 3 – watch Clean, Shaven
    1. as you watch, jot down the unusual things that the character does – do not try to interpret, just observe and write down
    2. group discussion
  4. watch “Reaching Out” and answer questions Video on Schizophrenia
  5. discuss


Lesson Monday May 9

  1. final projects are due for MONDAY May 16 – yes, I keep changing the date – I am expecting you to make very good use of the extra time!
    1. marks  for 3/4 will be given to you no later than next class
    2. some of you need to step it up and blow me away with your final submission!
  2. KAHOOT!   Mental Illness: Fact or Fiction?
  3. Respond: What do you know about Mental Illness?  What are some questions you have about mental illness?