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Wed Dec 13 – When Sleep Turns on You…

December 13, 2017
  1. show you know info for Friday———-Show You Know
  2. Kahoot!
  3. Watch Sci Show 9 Groundbreaking Discoveries about Sleep
    2. Complete questions
    3. Discuss 10min
  4. Watch Top 10 Bizarre Sleeping Disorders
  5. Watch Sci Show Trouble in Bed….
    1. Answer questions
  7. Discussion of videos/questions

Monday Dec 11 – “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone”

December 11, 2017
  1. Show you Know quizzes are due
  2. Show You Know review guide
    1. QUIZ on FRIDAY for everyone – brain labelling
    2. Show You Know on Friday for ALL except those who did it last Friday
  3. Sleep chart – how is it going?
  4. Sleep debt quiz
  5. Stages of sleep 2017 – continued from last class
  6. Assignment: Having heard the different articles and seen the video, please answer the following thoroughly.
    1. Which 5 pieces of information do you think are most important for teens to hear? Why?  Defend each choice  in two or three sentences!
    2. out of 15 marks

Friday Dec 8 – While you were sleeping….

December 8, 2017
  1. 2017 Sleep Log Chart – this is due Monday Dec 18
  2. Show You know developers —————-go create!
  3. finish Russell Foster video and discuss questions
  4. Stages of sleep 2017
    1. fill out Stages of sleep 2017 WORKBOOK



Wed Dec 6 – Why do we need to sleep?

December 6, 2017
  1. Show You Know
    1. Friday:  Quiz makers, Kahoot makers
      1. Straight comprehension
      2. Show me know you know how to apply your knowledge
      3. Quiz making – Johannah, Hannah, Rebekah, Jordyn, Nakita
      4. Kahoot making – Clark, Willy, Dianna, Ebonie
        1. You need to cut and paste each question with answers so I can mark
  2. finish article discussion with Sharing Groups
  3. Ted Talk: Why do we need Sleep?
    1. TED Talk on Sleep questions to conplete
  4. Reflection

Mon Dec 4 – What happens when teens don’t get enough sleep?!

December 4, 2017
  1. Show You Know update – Show You Know review guide
  2. finish up sleep quiz from last class
  3. Jigsaw with 6 articles
    1. Jigsaw
    2. Intro to Sleep Articles
    3. Reading groups
      1. Zoey A, Dianna, Avery , Jonathan, Max
      2. Jess, Johannah, Jordyn, Amy, Adalee,
      3. Chelsea, Willy, Clark, Sabrina, Alice, Ben H,
      4. Veronica, Eliza, Zoe W, Emily M, Anna Y
      5. Hannah, Rebekah, Ebonie, Mariah, Makayla, Anna C
      6. Sierra, Zane, Elijah, Ben C, Nakita, Kyla, Sheldon
    4. Sharing groups
      1. Zoey A, Jess, Chelsea, Veronica, Hannah, Sierra
      2. Dianna, Johannah, Willy, Eliza, Rebekah, Ben C
      3. Avery, Jordyn, Clark, Zoe W, Mariah, Nakita
      4. Jonathan, Amy, Sabrina, Emily, Makayla, Kyla
      5. Max, Adalee, Alice, Anna C, Sheldon
  4. Reflection on Teens & Sleep

Wed Nov 29 – ZzzzzzzzzzZ….

November 29, 2017

REMINDER: personalized learning guide due today!

  1. SHOW YOU KNOW idea
  2. finish up Brain Rules videos from last class – remember, write down the Brain Rule #, the title, and 3 key points about the rule
    1. Brain rule #8 – (stress)
    2. Brain rule #9 –    (sensory integration)
    3. Brain rule #10 – (vision trumps)
    4. Brain rule #11 – (gender)
    5. Brain rule #12 – (exploration)
  3. Sleep quiz
  4. Discussion about sleep


Lesson Friday Feb 12 – How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

February 12, 2016
  1. dream journal due
  2. Sleep Brain Labelling
  3. Sleep Hygiene Infographic
    1. infographics and sleep hygiene – work with a partner and list 5 ways that sleep can be improved – BUT you must ensure that at least 3 of the infographics present your 5 ways (you may use 3 different infographics for each point)
  4. time to work on Sleep Analysis OR P3 Project Proposal – BOTH are due for Monday!


Lesson Wed Feb 10 – Your Sleepy Brain…

February 10, 2016
  1. due date reminder
  2. Writing the Essential Question
  3. P3 Project Ideas
  4. P3 Project Proposal



February 6, 2016


Friday Feb 12 – Dream Journal due (this is simply your rough journal explaining the details of 2 different dreams).  If you are not sure what this is, see this link      Dream Journal Assignment

Monday Feb 15 – Sleep Analysis writeup due – you are writing a proper paragraph form response analyzing how you sleep.  The kind of information to include can be found here: Sleep Chart Analysis 2016

Monday Feb 15 – Project Proposal sheet due

Monday Feb 29 – P3 Process Binder due – this MUST demonstrate further learning you have done on your topic beyond what you have currently handed in.  I will hand out what should be included in this.  Please note that it will need to demonstrate some significant progress on your P3 project!!


Be glad that it’s not 😉

Lesson Wed Jan 27 – Sleep Deprivation – it’s not good!

January 27, 2016
  1. work on driving/essential questions and brainstorms – brainstorms are due today!
  2. WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF A LACK OF SLEEP?  Discuss this in a 250 word response to the following:
    1. From ZZZZs to AAAAs
    2. Scary And Surprising Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
    3. Dangers of Sleep Deprivation