Monday March 5 – Smart Phones and Mental Illness

Learning targets:

—>What are the concerns about cell phones and teenagers – are these legitimate concerns?

—> What do cell phones have to do with mental illness?


  1. Kahoot!
  2. Get into groups of 4
  3. Watch video at this site:
    1. Write down 7 key points as you watch
  4. Read over Teens are Addicted to Cell phones
    1. 3 levels protocol
    2. Groups present
  5. video below – jot down 7 key points Jean Twenge makes about smartphones and iGen




Wed Feb 14 – Examining Anxiety

Learning Targets:

  • To reflect on anxiety and stress and express your personal thoughts about it
  • To consider whether or not you might have some anxiety issues

  1. Hand in Schizophrenia questions from last class
    1. What are three things you have learned about schizophrenia ?
    2. discussion
  2.  Watch – My Extreme Animal Phobia
    1. What does he say, do, what is his body language, what is causing his stress?
    2. Why is he so scared? How did he become scared?
    3. How does he start working through his fear?
    4. What does his therapist encourage him to do? Why?
  3. Chart Paper Protocol
  4. Anxiety worksheet – score it
    1. Website:


Friday Feb 2 – Let’s Talk about Stigma


(the image below was posted in Sept 2013 –


Monday Jan 8 – Welcome Back!

  1. Kahoot!
  2. discussion
  3. Dream trivia quiz
  4. Watch BBC Why Do We Dream
    2. start Fill out worksheet as you watch – BBC Video Questions why do we dream


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Wed Dec 13 – When Sleep Turns on You…

  1. show you know info for Friday———-Show You Know
  2. Kahoot!
  3. Watch Sci Show 9 Groundbreaking Discoveries about Sleep
    2. Complete questions
    3. Discuss 10min
  4. Watch Top 10 Bizarre Sleeping Disorders
  5. Watch Sci Show Trouble in Bed….
    1. Answer questions
  7. Discussion of videos/questions

Monday Dec 11 – “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone”

  1. Show you Know quizzes are due
  2. Show You Know review guide
    1. QUIZ on FRIDAY for everyone – brain labelling
    2. Show You Know on Friday for ALL except those who did it last Friday
  3. Sleep chart – how is it going?
  4. Sleep debt quiz
  5. Stages of sleep 2017 – continued from last class
  6. Assignment: Having heard the different articles and seen the video, please answer the following thoroughly.
    1. Which 5 pieces of information do you think are most important for teens to hear? Why?  Defend each choice  in two or three sentences!
    2. out of 15 marks

Wed Dec 6 – Why do we need to sleep?

  1. Show You Know
    1. Friday:  Quiz makers, Kahoot makers
      1. Straight comprehension
      2. Show me know you know how to apply your knowledge
      3. Quiz making – Johannah, Hannah, Rebekah, Jordyn, Nakita
      4. Kahoot making – Clark, Willy, Dianna, Ebonie
        1. You need to cut and paste each question with answers so I can mark
  2. finish article discussion with Sharing Groups
  3. Ted Talk: Why do we need Sleep?
    1. TED Talk on Sleep questions to conplete
  4. Reflection