Monday Sept 10 – Intro to Mental Health Monday

Goal: To recognize the importance of good mental health and to understand the need to break the stigma of mental illness

  1. discussion
  2. presurvey about mental health
  3. Video: What is Mental Health?
    1. as you watch, draw out the continuum that is presented (both horizontal and vertical)
    2. also write down what you can do to develop good mental health
  4. brainstorm what mental health is, how we can get it, how we can cope with difficult situations
  5. View Teen Mental Health Stigma busting and complete the Teen MentalHealth Stigma Busting WORKBOOK



Monday Sept 24 – Visiting Heaven

1. reminder that the first Memory Verse quiz is Wed Sept 26  (John 14:6-7)

2. Videos for today’s class – here are the questions to answer as you watch – Have they Really been to Heaven MAIN

a. Video 1: Colton Burpo & Akiane Kramarik

b. Video 2: Don Piper (part 1)

c. Video 3: Don Piper (part 2)


Monday June 4 – Why do people kill?

  1. last day to hand in The Wave – Psychology / Criminal Brains assignments and not lose marks
  2. finish Crash course from last class
    1. go over worksheet
  3. Why do People Kill
    1. Why do People Kill workbook
  4. Jigsaw activity from last page of ppt
    1. Links:
      1. Spree Killers:
      2. Mass Killers:
      3. Serial Killers:
  5. If there is time, you will return to your group to share your notes